Building An Internal Processes to Overcome Limitations

Building An Internal Processes to Overcome Limitations


The state headquarters of this national nonprofit annually helps more than 7,000 children and adults receive special needs services for their disabilities.

Over the last 50 years, the organization has grown to more than 100 sites, offering services in 21 counties across the state. But staff limitations and ever-changing regulatory compliance pushed this non-profit organization, like many others, far beyond its capabilities.


The current staff was operating at capacity, and budgets didn’t allow for additional headcount. In recent years, the number of new and updated regulatory requirements—along with local client needs—grew exponentially. Interacting with state and federal agencies and maintaining compliance became increasingly difficult.

A systems update was required for billing integration and implementation of an Electronic Health Records (EHR) system. In addition, the agency needed to comply with the latest HIPAA requirements and to adopt a current, formal security and risk management system that included disaster recovery capabilities.

The agency had already invested in a new system to satisfy the EHR project, but the implementation was over budget and well beyond its target launch date. Without immediate remediation to correct EHR system issues, the nonprofit ran the risk of non-compliance.


The organization retained Tech-Azur to help them find a fast solution. The main priority was to launch an operational EHR system. The second objective was to assess the agency’s organizational and technological capabilities to ensure the success of current initiatives and future projects.

The agency terminated the provider of the original EHR system and recouped funds for non-delivery of goods and services. A major EHR “course correction” was achieved within three months, allowing successful implementation of the full system within the year.

In addition, the agency enhanced the security program and created a project management function in its organization. Tech-Azur also addressed future remote-access and mobile-application needs with cloud-based solutions. The nonprofit hired an EHR specialist to maintain the system and manage regulatory requirements moving forward.

All of the implemented changes have created dramatic improvements in predictability and effectiveness in both business and technical initiatives.